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Who Are We? Who We Are!

industrial DISEASE® inc.
A: Fragmented Industrious Condition of:
Home Display Inc.

A Fragment is a portion of something. industrial DISEASE® inc. is a fragment of my design firm, Home Display Inc., and one of my creations. Industrious is a word used to describe an activity level of production, in our case, the industrious world of design. A Condition sometimes referred to as an affliction, which could be considered or may, in fact, be a disease! In my case, a passion that I have had for so long that I am conditioned...

I am Patricia Davidson, founder of Home Display Inc., a Calgary based interior design firm, established in 1990. Somewhere shortly after establishing Home Display Inc. the opportunity to produce "one off's" became my passion and specialty as it utilized one of my favourite design tools, the art of conceptualizing.

I owe a lot to my clients who, through their needs, frequently required products that were not available in the market place. The processes of filling their design needs allowed the opportunity to collaborate with them and many other talented designers, architects, artists and workrooms. The creation of industrial DISEASE® inc. was a natural transition with my hands on approach to design. Although time limits my involvement in the studios, I am trained in casting, sculpting, blacksmithing and licensed for use of alloy spraying and patinization. All of which are incorporated into our furnishings and designs. As an architect or interior designer, we understand your challenge in finding the right workrooms to produce your ideas. We are offering the design community access and the opportunity to produce your own unique designs at the industrial DISEASE® inc. studios.

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