Sometimes you just cannot do everything on your own!

In working on numerous designs for our clients, we have required the assistance of some very talented people. Some of these people are local to the Province of Alberta. Others we have enlisted from various areas of the country and beyond. Where we feel that there has been a great deal of collaboration, we respectfully acknowledge the skills of many individuals within the companies we have listed. Respectfully, we have chosen not to list individuals by name and or project. The talent, the time and the skills that all of you have that are required to produce fine furnishings and designs has enhanced our work and therefore...

In no particular order we graciously, in the most flattering way, acknowledge the talent that comes from:

-  The Jeff Debour Studio
-  Moli Industries
-  The Gizmo Shop
-  Erasmus Designs
-  Flux Glassworks
-  UltraGlass Inc.
-  Grotto Designs
-  Dave's Art Metal
-  Wyman Studio
-  Front Step Forge
-  Urban Glassworks
-  Metra

Site Credits:

- Wes Raymond Photography
- Sandy Aitchison Design
- Davidicus Studio Media